SKINCARE - Separate Fact from Myth


SKINCARE - Separate Fact from Myth

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Have skin concerns? Always wondered what is correct and appropriate skin care for YOUR skin, but unsure how to decipher the truth from the marketing gimmicks?! Then allow us to give you truthful advice on what will work, what to avoid, and what sneaky tricks to watch out for that large cosmetic companies use to trick us into believing a product does something that it doesn't. The most common complaints of women: Aging / redness / breakouts Allow us to provide you with the facts to help you with all these concerns and so much more. Our training from from international Beauty Expert, Educator Donna Mee from California, and we bring back our advanced knowledge so you can have beautiful, clear skin, and pro long the aging process.

"Hi Jen!! I just wanted to let you know your information about the Micellar water was fantastic! I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong after cleansing with my cleansing oil and following with Bioderma. I wasn't rinsing it off, and I was breaking out all over my chin which is very odd for me. It's only been a few days and my skin is already so much happier! Your awesome... Just though you should know!!!" Jessica Colella

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Our studio is located in Leda, 6170

Yes I can come to you. This makes it easier on you. You save on time, you can access your own makeup easily and it means you don't have to worry about getting stuck in traffic or finding the address.

$20 call out fee for locations Rockingham to Success.
$40 call out fee for locations Rockingham to Mandurah & Success to CBD.
$60 call out fee for locations Mandurah to Bunbury & CBD to Joondalup. 

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