Meet Jellis Beauty Owner, Jennifer Ellis

Known as Perth’s premier luxury wedding makeup artist & hair stylist, Jennifer Ellis has been providing on-location beauty services since 2008. Committed to offering the absolute best services in her market, she has extensive knowledge of her field, and her studies in California has given her knowledge that surpasses what is currently available in Australia. 

With a background in Business & communications, Jennifer understands what it truly means to provide exceptional service, and offers a level of expertise and client care that is unmatched. To date she has styled hundreds of clients for both weddings and commercial projects, and has gained a stellar reputation for skill, professionalism and kindness.

Jennifer greatly values her reputation and the quality of work she offers her clients, and has hand selected her team of like minded, talented artists whom will deliver the same level of work for her clientele.

She was hand selected to work in California, USA to hone her skills, Californian Celebrity Makeup Artist Educator, Donna Mee, whose name is synonymous with advanced beauty techniques highly sought after by professional artists around the globe.

"Along with dozens of other makeup artists, Jennifer recently completed a one-week, intensive makeup artistry and marketing training program in Australia with the President/Owner of Donna Mee Inc. Throughout the training and in follow up conversations, it was determined that Jennifer absorbed far more information, curriculum and marketing strategies than previously experienced by almost two decades of my teachings. This was determined after Jennifer implemented the new theories, application techniques and strategies into her makeup business, which immediately expanded enormously. Her mix of artistry experience, keen interest in the beauty industry, business and management experience, make her an ideal candidate for this rare position at Donna Mee Inc." Donna Mee, International Makeup Artist Educator

The experience Jennifer gained was invaluable, and she has been able to bring back these cutting-edge methods to her team in Perth, Western Australia. What does this mean for you? That all the secrets to Hollywood, red-carpet makeup can have you looking like the best version of you. Jennifer's passion lies in helping you feel your most beautiful, while still being comfortable and recognizing who you see in your reflection. Makeup is not about wearing a mask, its about enhancing everything that is great about you. It's true that when we LOVE what we see in the mirror, we are more happy and confident. This is the end result Jennifer and her team desire to give you.

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