Personal Shopper - Take an Expert to the Beauty Counter


Personal Shopper - Take an Expert to the Beauty Counter

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It can get a bit daunting entering a cosmetics department. There are so many different brands, and they all seem to promise the world. Where do you even begin in deciding what products you need..there's just so much choice. Allow us to guide you to the best investment for your face.

Our very first tip to you - Stay away from the foaming cleansers (face washes, the ones that are activated with water, typically used in the shower). They are quick and easy to use. The benefits stop there. What makes them foam? It's the Sodium Laurel Sulphate (detergent). This strips the moisture from your skin leaving you with that "squeeky clean" feeling, or in other words, dehydrated. What's the number one complaint of women? Their aging skin. And what's the number one cause of aging? DEHYDRATION! So switch up your foaming cleanser for a cream/milk cleanser and your skin will love you for it. Don't age yourself quicker than you need to! We have so much more information that we LOVE sharing with our clients. 

Always wondered what is correct and appropriate skin care for YOUR skin, but unsure how to decipher the truth from the marketing gimmicks?! Then allow us to give you truthful advice on what will work, what to avoid, and what sneaky tricks to watch out for that large cosmetic companies use to trick us into believing a product does something that it doesn't.

So we know what our favourite colours and are what we tend to gravitate towards, but are these truly our best colours to most enhance our beauty? Maybe we stick to brown because its "safe". Did you know there are so many different shades of brown and some work for you and some don't. Find out which browns are right for you.

"Thankyou Jen! For taking me shopping today and helping me choose the right makeup to suit my skin and features, I'm stoked with my purchases and can't wait to use it all!! Your help is much appreciated! " Sarah Metcalf

We are an independent company so we can deliver truthful, unbiased advise on the best products for you. We will analysis you skin, your colouring, and your personal style as well as taking into account your budget. We can recommend products best suited to you and your concerns.

We will shop with you in David Jones, Myer or Priceline depending on your preferred budget, and will recommend the appropriate products accordingly.

We will explain the ingredients/colour/texture and explain why those products are best for you, so you can be confident in your purchases. We do not make any commission on the products. We are there to help you. You can take notes and choose to buy everything, or simply buy one or two products, knowing you have your list to return and purchase at any time.

The appointment includes a consultation (typically at a cafe near the store). We will discuss your concerns, what you wish to achieve from the appointment, your skin type, your coloring and everything else that goes into product selection. One Coffee/Tea is our treat to you while we have a chat, then its on to shop!

Book in your personal shopper experience now and email to organise a time and date for your expedition.

$20 call out fee for locations Rockingham to Success.
$40 call out fee for locations Rockingham to Mandurah & Success to CBD.
$60 call out fee for locations Mandurah to Bunbury & CBD to Joondalup. 

Simply select your preferred length of booking and click add to cart. Then you can select the call out fee.

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