"Hi Jen, Just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for last night, you truly are amazing & wonderful, and what you did to this tired old bird was nothing sort of a miracle, I really can't thank you enough!!

Thank you ever so much, again & again & again, a million million times over!!

We have a new arrival in Perth and I am planning the next night out already, and would love for you to work your magic again next time on our new friend, Monica, and myself - and I'll promise to wear the red/black dress - need some new stockings though !! xxx Take care Jen, you truly are wonderful. Thank you. Paula xxxx"

                                               Paula Wales, Perth, Western Australia (makeup on Paula by Jellis Beauty)

perth makeup artists jellis beauty mell.png

"Jen is a genuinely fantastic make up artist. She makes you feel so comfortable and is happy to answer any questions about what she is doing and why she is doing something a certain way so you can learn for yourself. She is always professional. She has an extensive knowledge of everything ranging from facial shape to matching colours and knows the best ways to make you look beautiful. I felt incredible when I saw the finished product staring back at me in the mirror! Would definitely recommend her to anyone and use her again in the future. Thanks Jen! you made me feel so beautiful and it was so wonderful to see you work your magic on me!"

Frances Gregory, Perth, Western Australia (makeup on Frances by Jennifer Ellis)


"Hi Jennifer, Thanks for our lesson and makeover and for the amazing job you did with my make up too. I think it is safe to say that going out into the big wide world as Felicity for the first time was a very daunting. However the fact that you had made me look so good meant that I felt very confident and relaxed about the whole night! I was told more than once that I looked amazing and I felt it too!! Thanks again for making my first night out so special for me. Felicity xx"

Felicity Crossd, Perth, Western Australia (makeup on Felicity by Jellis Beauty)


"Hi Jennifer. I felt so beautiful on our special day and I thank you so much, you have an amazing talent. You truly did work some wonderful magic!"

Tracey Footer, Perth, Western Australia (makeup on Tracey by Jellis Beauty)




"Hi Jennifer, I couldnt have asked for a better day and thank you again for the hair and make up I received many lovely compliments :) Mel x"

Mel Lucas, Rockingham, Western Australia (makeup on Mel by Jellis Beauty)


"Sammi's personality and professionalism was great, no complaints at all! The nails are great too, I'm pretty happy with them as a whole, a lot better quality than what I've had done before!"

Carmen Finn, HIghgate, Western Australia



"Jennifer is simply fantastic. She has great expertise and knows what will work and suit you best. You feel so confident and amazing with your makeup and the quality of products she uses are high class. Will recommend to anyone and hope to work with you again soon!"

Adora-Jane Bonadeo, Perth, Western Australia

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 8.10.32 AM.png

"Hi Jen!! I just wanted to let you know your information about the Micellar Water was fantastic! I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong after cleansing with my cleansing oil and following with Bioderma. I wasn't rinsing it off, and I was breaking out all over my chin which is very odd for me. It's only been a few days and my skin is already so much happier! You're awesome... Just though you should know!!!"

Jessica Colella, Makeup Artist, New Jersey, USA

"You did remarkably well, thanks so much for your dedication and wonderful professionalism and pure determination! You're amazing Jen!!!! Xxxx:)"

Melinda Tupling, Producer, Perth, Western Australia



"One of my favourite makeup artists to work with! So fun, professional and talented!"

Pia Herring, Perth, Western Australia (makeup on Pia by Jennifer Ellis)




"Such an amazing artist and really bubbly personality would recommend Jen to anyone xx"

Fifi Robinson, Owner Fifi's Modeling Academy, Armadale, Western Australia




"Jen is an absolutely amazing Hair & Makeup Artist and also great with styling! Jen helped me to achieve my first publication and I would recommend her to anyone as one of the best I have ever worked with. Great professionally and extremely personable!! Book Jellis Beauty!!!"

Elise Nazzari, Perth, Western Australia (makeup on Elise by Jellis Beauty)



"Love Jen! She is a very talented Makeup Artist, always hard working and dedicated to her job, positive and a great business woman. I would highly recommend Jellis Beauty to anyone!!!"

Charlie Octavia, CEO Perth Modeling Academy, Perth, Western Australia



"Hi Jen. Thank you so much for all your time and talent you gave me. You are an amazing makeup artist and you will go far. Looking forward to following your success. Cheers"

Julie Beatson, Rockingham, Western Australia



"Hey Jennifer, thank you for today you are so lovely and your makeup skills are amazing! You were friendly and lovely and also careful/gentle with makeup application. I loved the makeup you did for my features (being pale and all) :p Basically, the makeup and hair was perfect. I was impressed with how assertive you were with re-application on the shoot and that you were very involved in the whole shoot. You have amazing organizational skills :) Oh yes and one of the best hair and makeup artists I've had the pleasure of working with! You're one unique lady and there needs to be more people like you!"

Gabrielle Jean Wainwright - Perth, Western Australia

"Exceptional quality and a lovely lady was a pleasure to work with you Jen xxx I look forward to shoots in the future"

Megan King, Perth, Western Australia




"I had an amazing opportunity to work with Jen just before she jets off to Bali and I honestly can't recommend her enough!"

Bree Gregory, Rockingham, Western Australia ( Makeup on Bree by Jennifer Ellis)




"Hi Jennifer, I'm writing to say my experience with you was wonderful. I had the pleasure of working with you as the model for a photo shoot that was published online shortly after. All round I was extremely satisfied with your professionalism and skill. Most certainly I would work with you again. Thanks!"

Gabriella O'Sullivan - Perth, Western Australia


"Hi Jennifer. Thanks again for all your awesome makeup work on Saturday night. Kate and I got a lot of comments on how good it was. Thanks also for staying for a drink afterwards and picking the trophy winners. Once I get the pics back, I will send some your way.
All the best in California. Judging off your work on us, I'm sure you'll do well over there, especially with all the opportunities you'll have. I'll keep an eye out for you name in the credits in some big-budget blockbusters! Thanks again,"

Allan Mayes - Cavesham, Western Australia (character makeup on Allan by Jellis beauty)


"Heya Jennifer. I just wanted to say you are great to work with, we still had a great conversation and your still focus on your work! You're an amazing makeup artist and I cant wait to work with you again :) xo"

Rebecca Emma Lucas - Perth, Western Australia



"Just wanted to say a big thank you to you Jen! You made me look flawless for my photo shoot! You were very professional and alot of fun and made me feel at ease though the whole thing - I was quite nervous as it was my first lingerie shoot so it was great to have someone so friendly and professional on set with me. You were very gentle through the whole process and in the end I looked flawless, so thank you!"

Jaclyn Henrisson - Perth, Western Australia



"It was such a pleasure working with Jennifer. No doubt about it I will be working with her again in the future and I would highly recommend her to others."

Lisa Athanassiou, Perth, Western Australia



"Jennifer was the complete professional. I would recommend her for anyone who needs makeup for film and video purposes."

Chris Martin, Director, Perth, Western Australia



"You do striking makeup Jennifer, and sufficiently subtle to lift your model's face without dominating!"

Michael Snadden - Perth, Western Australia