Terms and Conditions

 How we accept bookings: Please note a payment of 50% of your total balance is required to initially secure your booking. This booking fee is due at the time of receiving your paperwork if a bridal booking, or payment details if a special occasion booking, but can of course be sent through earlier if that is more convenient for you. The contract between Jellis Beauty and Client is executed upon payment of the deposited booking fee. In paying the booking fee you are agreeing to all terms and conditions.  Receiving the booking fee will not lock in your booking date until we also get your signed paperwork back. If we ask you for additional details for your contract (such as start times, number of people receiving the services and addresses) please ensure you get this to us as soon as possible so we can create your contract and send it to you. Contracts are to be returned within 14 working days or the booking is forfeited and any booking fees are forfeited by client. All booking fees are non-refundable, non-transferable. This is because we have kept this time and date exclusively available for you and have refused other bookings.

What are you paying for? A bridal booking or special occasion booking means you are booking us for providing you with a service. From the time you pay your booking fee, you are booked with us and will begin receiving service for your booking. For our lovely brides, we will create your paperwork after you verbally agree with the booking. For our special occasion clients and brides, we will answer your email, messenger and phone call queries. We will support you from the day you pay your retainer to lock in your booking. Lots of our clients like to spend time sending us their inspirational looks and asking advice leading up to their appointment. We love helping, and we will always give our best advice when you send us your inspiration images. We have lots of lovely clients, all with very important questions about their special event. We will answer all email and phone queries within 3-5 business days (in really busy periods), but typically it's much sooner than that. So when you are booking with us, you know that your money is going towards the service leading up to your booking, the time spent during your booking providing your service, and any applicable travel costs. This is why our rates are extremely competitive. We give you complete assurance that we will be at your special day, and we will not cancel on you to leave you hanging.  

How Do We Communicate? We do our best to reply to you as soon as possible. Email is always our best point of contact, as we are typically with clients all day, and we are not on our phones while we are with our clients. You get our full attention when you have an appointment with us. If you do call and leave a voicemail, please make sure you leave your name and contact number so we can call you back. If you don’t leave any details, we cannot get back to you. When you say “this number” often we don’t know which was the number you called from because we receive many calls throughout the day, often at the same time, or it has simply shown as ‘private number’ when you’ve called. We endeavour to get back to you within 3 business days.

What is our Refund Policy:  Making your booking is just like a concert ticket or any other event. If you book your appointment and choose the payments option, you are committed to all payments for the full balance of the booking. If you can longer make it to your appointment, you may sell your appointment to someone else or give it away to send someone else in your place at the same agreed location you booked, or the person taking over your booking can come to our studio in Leda, WA. There is no administrative fee to change the user name on the appointment. However, we require you email us at admin@JellisBeauty.com with the appointment date, time, your name and the name of the new customer to ensure they meet the requirements to take over your appointment. The contract between client and Jellis Beauty is effective when the down payment is made. At the time the contract takes effect, Jellis Beauty will reserve a this appointment time and date agreed upon to fulfill. Jellis Beauty shall not make any other reservations, bookings, or accept any other clients for the Client's appointment in the allocated time slot as agreed at the time of accepting the booking. For this reason, in the event that the client cancels with more than 30 days notice prior to your booking taking place, we will refund any monies paid over the minimum required 50% down payment. If a cancellation occurs 30 days or less prior to the booking, all monies paid shall be retained by Jellis Beauty in order to offset its loss of business. For this same reason, we do not offer transfers of payments of any bookings to another date. If you need to move your appointment, a new booking will be required. 

Please note also, that all confirmed quotes must be paid for in full. We are unable to offer discounts should any member of the bridal party pull out after the booking is confirmed and the retainer is paid. There is a surcharge of $150 if start time is before 7am. Public Holidays incur a surcharge of $150. If parking is not provided the cost of this is charged back to you on your wedding day. Additional fees are applicable to last minute add on services. Payments are by visa/mastercard or wire transfer. Credit Cards incurs a 2% fee. PERSONAL CHEQUES ARE NOT ACCEPTED. Prices are valid to 31-12-2019