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Do you watch you tube videos and wonder why when you apply contour & highlight it never seems to look the same? IT'S NOT YOU. It's that the youtubers typically don't know how to apply it for different face shapes and facial features so they just show it on their own face. Your face is different. You will require different placement. Learn exactly how to contour and
highlight your own face to enhance your natural beauty and put your best face forward, every time.

The purpose for contour & highlight is toenhance Your best features and disguise less desirable features, creating an illusion of better bone structure. Therefore, if you apply it dark and noticeable, its not an illusion. It becomes obvious to all that you are attempting to look better, but not really sure how to achieve it. A good way to look at it - ladies that want the illusion of bigger boobs won't stuff their bra to the point where the padding is hanging out for everyone to see. Their boobs will look bigger, but its no illusion, the world knows then its due to padding. Same with hair. Ladies that use weaves and hair extensions don't (purposely) wear these in an obvious manner that people know its extensions. They want the illusion that they have long, thick hair.

Learn the way the pro's do it and look "red carpet" fabulous! We'll talk strobing, contour, highlight and how to best enhance your beauty.

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Our studio is located in Leda, 6170

Yes we can come to you. This makes it easier on you. You save on time, you can access your own makeup easily and it means you don't have to worry about getting stuck in traffic or finding the address.

$20 call out fee for locations Rockingham to Success.
$40 call out fee for locations Rockingham to Mandurah & Success to CBD.
$60 call out fee for locations Mandurah to Bunbury & CBD to Joondalup. 

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